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Handmade Tiles by Caroline Egleston


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 How it works

Choosing handmade tiles is an enjoyable way of injecting artistry onto your wall spaces. Sometimes you don’t need many, just a line maybe, to give an interesting contemporary edge.

Usually the process starts with an exchange of emails or an informal phone call where I can learn more about your project, whether a splashback in a kitchen or bathroom, a fireplace, or some other creative arrangement of tiles. I can then come up with a sketched proposal showing layout and colour possibilities. If we’re on the right lines, I will produce a drawing and a quote. Sometimes we hit on the right solution straight away, or it takes a few exchanges to discover it. I’m very relaxed about that.

I welcome a studio visit or, if that’s not feasible, we can easily work remotely with further phone calls and emailed photographs. I also make site visits to measure up and make recommendations.

The important thing is that you end up with handmade tiles that enhance your living space and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

What can we say! The tiles are absolutely amazing. They surpass our expectations. Thank you so very much. Each one is an expression of your talent and they are going to look amazing in their new home!
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